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The GlobalShopex Web Service Merchant Solution offers Seamless Customer Experience and complete e-commerce solution which enables US Internet retailers to sell internationally. Retailers receive from GlobalShopex a fully landed price for any product to be delivered to more than 200 countries.
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GlobalShopex Webservice Solution is based on SOAP protocol. Please contact us and after reviewing your website and IT requirements and we will send you a version of our SDK for implementation. If you need technical assistance to implement GlobalShopex Web Service Solution, we can assist you with our certified technical providers.
Key Features
Merchants can maintain their brand and customer experience.
Retailers receive a fully landed price for any product to be delivered to more than 200 countries. Also Supports Currency Conversion.
Fully landed price includes international shipping costs, duties, taxes, clearance, and local delivery to destination.
GlobalShopex receives products in its Miami International Hub facility and ships it to the final destination outside the US.
We manage and facilitate implementation of harmonized codes and customs compliance.
GlobalShopex pays customs and duties on behalf of customers and delivers all packages to their final destinations. Customers can also chose not to pre pay taxes and duties and be responsible for duties, taxes, and any related charges when their order arrives in their country. 
Our cross boarder solution removes all barriers and complexities for merchants
Merchant Solution

GlobalShopex web services are based on SOAP protocol. GlobalShopex Web Service solution provides information about international shipping, customs and duties. The following describes all the stages involved in the GlobalShopex Web Service Request and Response.

  Web Service Description
Shipping, Customs and Duties calculation.
Calculate international shipping rates based on products weight, dimensional weight and category passed by the merchant. It also calculates customs and duties based on the value and weight of each product, if customers chose the “Pre-paid taxes and duties” option. Both results are displayed in the merchant’s website in real time.
Payment Processing
Process customer’s credit card and other payment methods display in merchant’s website results:

If order is “Approved”, GlobalShopex will begin processing the order. The Merchant will process the order from their side, and ship to the GlobalShopex International Hub.

Order Information
Customers can check their order status and tracking information by accessing the Merchant’s website and entering their account user name and password assigned by Merchant when customer registered.

GlobalShopex Web Service Work flow
Purchasing Webservice Request Webservice Response
  • Customer selects a product at
  • Customer choose “International Checkout” and  input shipping information.
  • Merchant send request to GS webservices
    (xml request) .
  • Merchant submit the following information: country, product price, weight (kg/pound), volume (optional) and product category (1 to 20, simplified categories).
  • GS webservices (xml response) deliver detailed Shipping Costs, as well as Customs&Duties.
  • If customer purchases more than 1 product, GS webservices  calculate separately each one and deliver Merchant total Shipping and Customs& duties costs.

International Checkout Processing & Shipping

Tracking/Customer Service

  • Merchant displays the Order Summary, including Product Price, Customs & Duties and International Shipping Costs.
  • Client pays the full amount to Merchant or GS (both options)
  • If client pays GS, then, Merchant send xml request to GS webservice. Merchant submits Billing, Shipping and Credit Card info.
  • GS webservices (xml response) deliver Approval and Authorization result to be displayed at "Thank You" Merchant web page (Approved/Declined).
  • GS processes only Approved Orders.
  • Merchant processes Approved orders and ship products to GS Int'l Hub in GS pays customs and duties on behalf of customer and deliver package to its final destination. (DTP/DTU?)
  • Customer can track its order online at (webservice request based on US tracking information and real time response).
  • Customer Service available in English, Portuguese , German and Spanish , with local numbers in main international destinations.
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